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Two weeks of Student Posts of the Week…

Due to a whole set of unforeseen circumstances, I didn’t post Student Posts of the Week for the week of the fifteenth, so I’m making up for that by hitting two weeks at once. As always, I’m not able to highlight all the blog posts I felt were particularly good or interesting– there’s just far […]

Student Posts of the Week

It’s yet another really great week of student posts for HIST 389, History of Animation. To run through just a few: Bonnie Hansen explores the business side of the House of Mouse, looking at the selling of Disney’s famous princesses– not to young girls, but to grown women. Specifically, she looks at the marketing of […]

Student Post(s) of the Week

Dr. Petrik, for whom I’m TAing History of Animation, has asked me to highlight a good student post each week, so that students who are having trouble might be able to look at some of the better examples and learn from them. Unfortunately (or fortunately) this week, there’s too many to choose from. A rundown […]