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Why *I* Tweet

Just because Jim Groom already did it, and did it better, doesn’t mean I can’t jump in with my two cents. In response to Jeff Swain’s video asking, “Why Do You Tweet?”

Signs of the Times…

Facebook traffic (in terms of unique visitors) is down 10% while sales of Hormel Spam is up almost 10%.

The best two things to come accross my feed reader in the last week…

Just like your friend who’s obsessively checking out his Facebook, squirrels are avid social networkers. Perhaps the best part of the entire article is the definition of squirrel “kissing” as “oral contact that doesn’t lead to bickering.” Also interesting (though less amusing): Manno tested what would happen to the squirrel network if individuals were removed. […]

The Great LJ Strike of 2008, Part 2

I actually didn’t manage to log on to LiveJournal during the strike, rendering my refusal to participate moot. What can I say? I was busy! I’m tempted to write it off as a familial ethic with regard to strikes, claim that my father growing up in a coal mining town somehow made it impossible for […]

Facebook Anthem

In my last post, you may recall, I called Facebook “shallow,” and said that it was “becoming more and more about snapshot statements, ‘pokes,’ and applications that let you know whether your friends would rather be vampires or ninjas.” Well, it’s nice to know that not only does someone else have the same frustration about […]

The Great LJ Strike of 2008(?)

As I’ve mentioned several times here, I’m a fan of LiveJournal. I’ve been using it for around four years now– I’m not exactly an early adopter, but I’ve been on for a long time– I got my account pretty soon after they stopped giving out accounts on an invite-only basis, and I’ve been on long […]