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My poor, neglected blog…

It’s been a month and a half since I’ve posted here. This is just a post to commit myself to getting back on the horse.

Confessions of a Stats Geek

I never would have thought I’d write a post with this title. In my scholarship, I tend to veer toward qualitative cultural analysis. I avoid numbers whenever possible. Though I’m a big fan of maps, I detest charts– they take forever to make and half your readers won’t even give them a glance. That said, […]

Welcome to the New Home of the Leisurely Historian…

I’ve started an assistantship at the Center for History and New Media, and as a part of that, I’m having to learn to do a WordPress installation. Since I had this URL and a hosting account sitting around basically unused for the last six months, I thought I’d take the opportunity to learn by doing, and set up a WordPress blog over here. […]

What I'm up to lately…

I’m working on a lot of different things right now. […]