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About Me

Photo of Tad Suiter standing in front of a reproduction of Edgerton's "How To Make Applesauce At MIT"My name’s Tad Suiter. I recently completed my PhD in History at George Mason University. I’m an Americanist, with a primary focus on the convergence of media, communication, technology, and culture in 19th and 20th century America. I also have a minor field in History and New Media.

My dissertation, “Vulgarizing American Children”: Navigating Respectability and Commercial Appeal in Early Newspaper Comics deals with the cultural context and history of the first few decades of the newspaper comics pages. In it I look at the way that publishers, editors, cartoonists, and the reading public navigated questions related to cultural and economic capital with regard to strip cartoonists. It was a really fun project and I got to read comics and feel like I was being responsible.

I’m currently working on a website dealing with the desegregation of public education in Arlington, Virginia.

When I get sick of computers and dead people, I try to teach myself the ukulele, hunt down old out-of-print Soul and R&B, and take lots of pictures of my cat.