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#MuseumWalkabout Summer 2017 (Post 4)

After far too long a wait, I’ve arrived at the final post of my #MuseumWalkabout Summer 2017 series. If you haven’t read the previous posts, I suggest you start here for context.   After the Children’s Museum, I went back out into the rain– regretting not having carried an umbrella– and walked the several blocks […]

#MuseumWalkabout Summer 2017 (Post 3)

Third post recounting my adventures during #MuseumWalkabout Summer 2017, during which I attempted to hit as many museums as I could in a single day, and to fill all interstitial time with museum-related stuff. Post 1 can be found here, and Post 2 can be found here. I’d recommend starting from the beginning. Having noted […]

#MuseumWalkabout Summer 2017 (Post 2)

This is my second post about what I’m calling, informally, #MuseumWalkabout Summer 2017. Read here for the first part.   Design Museum Boston may have been the biggest disappointment of my #MuseumWalkabout. Which is a shame– it’s a neat concept. A “nomadic museum” that does design-based installations throughout the city. The museum as a truly […]

#MuseumWalkabout Summer 2017 (Post 1)

NB: Upon beginning to write this post, I realized it was much longer than I could reasonably expect someone else to read. For this reason, I will be writing posts about yesterday for the next few days. A lot of my department was out yesterday, and I’m trying to do a lot of thinking about […]